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Let’s get on the road.

Durability, safety, efficiency, and performance — we’ve covered everything you need to cover the kilometers. And with our industry leading 6-year TUFF HAUL warranty, you can take that commitment to quality on the road.

Safety first.

Registering your tyres is for your safety — it’s how we notify you in the event of a product recall.

Register Tires

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Dealer Information

Tyre Information

# DOT (Department of Transportation) Codes can be found on your dealer registry card and the sidewalls of your tyres. Please enter all DOT Codes separated by a comma.

We’re in it for the long haul.

It’s easy to talk about quality when delivering on quality is easy. But what does quality look like when things don’t go as planned?

At Armstrong it looks like our TUFF HAUL warranty, which includes free replacement of a tyre that becomes unserviceable within the first 12 months, and prorated replacement within 6 years of its manufacture.

To learn more about using your warranty or filing a claim, explore our warranty details section or contact

Explore the TUFF HAUL Warranty

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