How to Make Sure Your Tyres are Always in Shape

The best rides are often the safest ones. When it comes to safety, we often feel that it depends on our driving conditions and the ride that we use. Rarely do we think about the fact that it has a lot to do with the tyres themselves. A great set of wheels ensure a safe, enjoyable ride for you and your family.

Making sure that your tyres stay is in the best possible condition is a whole lot easier than you imagine. There are some easy checks and tests that you can do to make sure that your tyres are safe enough for travel.

Check your tyre pressure every month: Don’t wait till you start feeling like the air in your tyre is going down. Make it a habit to check the tyre pressure every month. Tyres almost tend to lose one pound per square inch of air (PSI) per month. One of the leading causes of tyre-related accidents are under inflated tyres.

Inspect your tyres physically: This is especially true when you are going on long journeys. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck on an unknown road with a damaged tyre. Keep an eye out for glass, tears and bulged tyres.

Rotate your tyres: Make sure to swap your tyres. Tyres wear out easier if they are on the same side for too long. An easy way to make sure that they last longer is to rotate the sides.

Restrict your load: Every car has a weight limit that you need to be aware about. Overloading your ride beyond the optimum load takes its toll on the tyres, making them lose air much quicker.

Don’t mix and match: Having mismatched wheels can adversely impact your handling. It can lead to unusual wear and tear, leading to poor driving and even accidents.

Buy a strong pair of tyres: The easiest way to ensure that your tyres stay in the best shape is to buy a pair of tyres that are tough enough to last any terrain. Find out more about the toughest tyres in the market.