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Performance Parameters of a Tire – Explained!

Buying a car? Then you scrutinise and analyse your choice of the car by their segment, power and torque numbers, engine size, it’s 0-100 timing, type of drive – front-wheel drive, Rear wheel drive. And so many more factors but the tyres are usually the last on the list.

But tyres are very crucial! They are the only part of the car that touches the ground, creates contact and converts all that power and torque to actual vehicular motion.

We just assume a new car comes with a new set of tyres – they must serve the purpose of the car. But there is never one right set of tyres for your car.

Have you wondered why? What decides the right type of tyres for your car apart from the right size consideration?

We will list out the performance parameters of tyres and also give examples of how these are optimized to deliver the right set of tyres for a specific need.

Tyres are assessed on the following performance parameters.

  1. Traction or grip – This is easily the most important parameter for a tyre. As tyres are the only part that keeps the car and us grounded to the road. The tires tread pattern, grooves, sipes and shoulders all are designed to optimise traction for particular terrains and weather. All these designs together provide the traction, the right grip while we brake, turn the car, accelerate to higher speeds, or even to keep us stable when the car is moving at a constant speed. The road grip or traction is not the same for all-weather and different terrains. Hence, there are summer tires and winter tyres, all-season tyres as well. The tyres that give the best traction on a city road, won’t be best suited to drive when the roads are covered in snow, or even when a little off-roading is done.
  2. Longevity – How long is the life of a tyre, is dependent on the way the tread pattern wears out. This also lets you know whether you got your money’s worth. One aspect to keep in mind is that high-performance tyres are designed with tread compounds that wear out easily yet deliver superior traction in dry and wet condition. But if you are a commuter who needs to get the best mileage out of your tyre, then a regular passenger car radial tyre will best suit your needs.
  3. Fuel consumption – Almost 1/5th of your total fuel consumption is done by the tyres. The friction generated by the tyre is the reason for this fuel consumption. This is called as the rolling resistance, there are tyres designed to deliver greater fuel efficiency by reducing the rolling resistance, manufacturers achieve this by varying the material for construction. Fuel efficient tyres add significantly to lower fuel consumption.
  4. Handling – Another crucial parameter for improved control and comfort. Handling is how the vehicle responds to the drivers steering requirements during braking, turning, accelerating and to the road conditions. Great handling performance can largely determine the safety of the vehicle, by keeping it stable and under the driver’s control at all time. High-performance tyres are designed to optimise handling, by enabling precision steering and cornering at the hands of the driver along with stability.
  5. Comfort & noise – comfort from a tyre’s perspective is how it absorbs the irregularities of the road without transmitting to the passengers. Luxury car tyres or electric vehicle tyres are designed such that they cushion the car and its passengers from the bumps and irregularities of the road. Another aspect of comfort is the noise of the tyres heads inside the cabin area. Tread pattern design generates a lot of noise, but longitudinal grooves and sipes in the design help reduce the noise. A fine balance needs to arrive between getting better traction and reducing the noise from the tyres.

Armstrong tyres have a legacy of designing precision tyres manufactured by cutting edge technology to deliver high performing tyres. Armstrong’s current offering in Summer tire range – BLU TRAC HP, BLU TRAC PC and TRU TRAC SU is optimized to deliver superior traction during summer for both everyday commuting needs and offroading as well. Armstrong tires come with the most comprehensive tyre warranty in the industry – TUFF 360 warranty.With Armstrong tyres, you ride with the toughness of a Rhino.

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